How Safe is Your Office?

Office workers certainly aren’t exempt from job-related accidents.  Following are some suggestions to protect employees from getting hurt:

· Make sure walkways and aisles are kept clear, especially near exits.

· Attach tall and heavy furniture to the wall to avoid having them fall in the event of an earthquake.

· Close drawers, file doors, and pull-out work surfaces when not in use.

· Clean up work areas throughout the day.

· Clean up spills on the floor immediately and clearly mark the area until it is thoroughly dry.

· Store supplies and materials with heavier items on lower shelves.  Make sure a sturdy step stool is available to avoid reaching.

· Examine electrical cords and plugs for wear.

· Avoid using extension cords as a permanent source of power.  Install extra outlets if necessary.

Periodic workplace safety inspections can help keep your office (and employees!) safe.

From State Compensation Insurance Fund’s Safety News, Issue Three 2009, pp. 2-3.