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100 Years of Workers’ Compensation

Did you know that the modern workers’ compensation system in the United States started with pirates?  Before pirates were considered outlaws, many of them were highly prized allies of the colonial government, plundering and sharing the spoils with governors in exchange for safe port.  Due to the inherent dangers of the occupation, a system was developed to compensate those injured as long as they survived their wounds. 
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Including Health Accountability in Performance Reviews

Companies who feel strongly about employee wellness may want to consider what a manufacturing company in Nebraska has done to promote health accountability.  In 2004, they added the following statement to its list of corporate beliefs: “Wellness and healthy lifestyles are important to our success.”
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Gender Bias Claims Remain Steady

Gender discrimination claims continue despite the implementation of policies addressing the issue at many companies.  The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission reports that the percentage of gender discrimination claims has not declined over the past ten years, remaining between 29% and 31.5%.
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