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Taxes Complicate Rule on Health Coverage for Adult Children

One provision of the new health care reform law is causing complex compliance challenges.  Some states require that employees pay taxes on the extended coverage for their adult children.  Employers must calculate and withhold the taxes from the employees’ paycheck.
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Employees a Little More Optimistic

“Despite recent economic reports that show jobless claims easing, employees reveal mixed feelings about what is in store at their employer, for the overall job market and their pay check in the year ahead.”   A recent survey of 2,118 U.S. adults over the age of 18 indicates that “employees were more confident in their job security and company’s outlook in the next six months than they were in the third quarter.  However . . . they remained pessimistic about pay raises and grew more uncertain about the job market since last quarter.”
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Data Breaches and Cyber Risk

Recent news surrounding the WikiLeaks scandal highlights the danger of electronic data leaks.  While there are regulations in place now, most are centered around protecting consumers’ information (social security and credit card numbers), rather than corporate intellectual property.
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