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Employees and Their Aging Parents

Employees need to adapt to numerous challenges when caring for aging parents.  They need to discover what resources are available, often in communities in other states or another country.  This frequently involves taking time from work to call doctors or social workers, home care providers and rehabilitation facilities.  They may have to travel to parents to help assess needs and establish care.
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Cyber Security Liability Insurance

Hackers are pervasive, and businesses must remain vigilant to protect their data from attacks.  One data security firm reported that 38% of its data-breach investigations in 2009 occurred at hotels, the largest-hit industry.  By contrast, financial services account for just half of that rate.  Surprisingly, when a security breach occurs, it takes an average of 156 days before the business discovers it.
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Covering Employees’ Adult Children

 The new health care reform law will extend group coverage to adult children of employees until age 26.  But what exactly does that mean for employers?
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