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Just the Facts

In Little Rock, Arkansas, Nigel Haskett, a 21-year old McDonald’s employee, restrained a man and expelled him from the restaurant to end his battery of a female patron.  The attacker went to his car, pulled out a gun and shot Haskett several times as he stood, blocking the door, to prevent the attacker from re-entering.
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Making Wellness Work

Obviously, health care benefits are key to attracting and retaining skilled employees.  In recent years employers have turned their focus more towards promotion of workplace health and productivity.  Not only does it have a positive impact on company finances, but employees can live healthy and productive lives, both at work and at home.
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Protecting Directors and Officers

Directors’ and Officers’ liability coverage is available to protect the organization, board members and officers (and their spouses), as well as other individuals in the organization serving as either employees or volunteers.  Now is a good time to review your coverage to make sure it is adequate to weather the ongoing financial storms.
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