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Effective Safety Incentives

A growing number of companies are changing their on-the-job safety incentive program to reward employees for preventing accidents and injuries.  The goal is to change behavior through positive reinforcement.  Even if companies do not have a formal safety incentive program in place, managers should offer positive verbal or written acknowledgement to employees who exhibit safety-conscious behaviors.
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Health Care Reform Summary of Benefits and Coverage Guidance

Group health plans (including grandfathered plans) are required to provide a four-page, double-sided Summary of Benefits and Coverage (“SBC”) by March 23, 2012.  For fully-insured plans, insurance carriers are required to provide the summaries for each plan option available to employees by the March deadline.  Self-insured plans may either include the summaries with open enrollment now or wait until the proposed regulations are finalized.
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Final COBRA Subsidies Expire

The federal COBRA subsidy program which began in February 2009 will end this month.  It provided up to 15 months of financial assistance for health insurance for laid-off employees.  The last group of eligible recipients would have been terminated in May, 2010 and have been unemployed since.
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